We have a range of bottle conditioned beers available throughout the year to buy directly from the brewery. Bottle conditioning adds layers of charcater and ageability to the beer, to give you the same flavour as you would expect from the cask. It’s a demanding art, requiring knowledge, skill and patience throughout the whole process.
A tiny amount of live yeast is added before capping and the beer is left in a warm room for at least two weeks to allow the yeast to work its magic, converting the sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol. It’s known as a secondary fermentation, allowing the bottle to come alive with flavour – in a similar same way that fine wines mature as they are left to rest.
For bottled beer trade sales please contact Sarah on 01327 264095 or email
We are open to the public two Saturdays in every month for beer sales. Please see Stockists for details of our opening dates and times.
Our current bottled beer range includes:

  • Jack's Spaniels 3.8%
  • Booze Hound 4.2%
  • Bad To The Bone 4.5%
  • Lord Barker 4.2%
  • Hot Dog 3.9% (limited availability)
  • Chilly Dog 4.0% (limited availability)